Bookworms’ Favorite Job: Bookshelf Editing

You love your books and want to preserve them in the best possible way. You reserve the best corner of your living room or study for your books. So how do you organize your library? Some readers like classical methods, others like new experiences. Others like to create patterns according to their own routines and habits. Classic or innovative, frequently used or creative, there is a way to organize a library for everyone.


Classical Methods

Library editing methods include many popular and well-known methods. One of the most common methods is alphabetical order; It can be made according to the names of the author, book or publisher. One of the most frequently used methods is books; It becomes a classification method according to genres such as poetry, novel, story, psychology and history. Arranging in order of height is also highly preferred to keep the similar ones together.

With its shelves of different sizes, Saloni Puzzle Bookcase is a great option to sort books according to both sizes and types. Large-sized books, notebooks and objects that do not fit vertically in many bookcases can be easily placed on long shelves. There are also wider shelves to accommodate a genre with a large number of books and narrower shelves for a lesser genre.